Location Photography

Here I want to put up images I’ve taken over the years that still have the power to transport me.
They were all shot on 35 mm slide film, and after over two decades of shooting, I have thousands of slides, and am of course very attached to my cameras and lenses.
But now I have moved into digital, so that many of the new images I expect to post in the future will be digital. Yikes!  Like any other new medium (designing and putting up this website for example), digital photography is appealing and also a little scary. There’s lots to learn, new reflexes most of all. I’ll keep you posted!
A FIRST REPORT ON DIGITAL (September 26, 2008):  Today I bought my first digital camera, a Nikon D700.  It’s new on the market, a kind of digital equivalent of the pro-amateur film camera I have been using, the Nikon F90 series.  Because it’s a full-frame camera, I can use all the old lenses with confidence, from the 20mm to the 180, and that’s great.  Learning to navigate the push-button menus is where the learning will be steep, and then figuring out how to manage all those electronic images.

    So now I have a memory card installed, a battery charged, and some options chosen from the huge menu of choices about many options that I don’t yet properly understand. Now to shoot, and shoot, and shoot, to develop some reflexes with all this new technology before I head out on travels.  Wish me luck!
AN UPDATE (OCTOBER 21 2008):  My fabulous cousin Jennifer has taken pity on visitors to this website.  She’s downsized the jpeg images, working through them all a page at a time.  Of course I don’t really know how to downsize images on my own… not yet, at least!  Jennifer has taught me some basic Photoshop techniques, etc, and I am slowly getting less intimidated.   Everyone can do with a mentor, at any time, but especially when making momentous changes!
I have used the camera on several trips now.  I love the greater range available for low-light shooting.  And generally the whole arrangement is more forgiving.  I’m reminded all the time of how unforgiving slide film is, in all its loveliness!
And yes, I am shooting in RAW, as well as jpeg, so I can have handy thumbnails to look at, as well as the fat full-information images that RAW files are. And all this raises the issue of storage and back-up, and organization of files.  argh!!  I need a system that I can maintain fairly easily… Like everything else, this continues to be a work in progress.
I welcome suggestions and thoughts on the best way of proceeding.  Please just go to the comments page and then click on the link, to write to me.
Now I’ve got hundreds, no thousands, of new digital images, mostly from Burma.  They’re in my computer, a new desktop, and also on the original little cards from the camera(I know, I know, that’s an expensive form of back-up, but I can’t bear to delete them).
This summer is the time I sit down and learn how to manage the images, using Lightroom, I have decided.  It seems more flexible than the alternative (Mac-user) product, and of course is fully compatible with Adobe.  All advice gratefully received, as always.
I am looking forward to getting this part of things tidied up.  And I have to say, I love looking at the images on my large desktop screen.  Wonderful!