Taste of Persia Food Tours – Georgia

Taste of Persia Food Tours – Georgia

I’ve been working with a good friend in Georgia named Tamar Babuadze on a food-focussed tour of Georgia, an ancient one-time kingdom in the Caucasus. The capital Tbilisi is linked to Europe and Istanbul by regular flights. The food traditions are so strong, and the wine traditions too, that there will be lots to explore, and much feasting.

wine and cheese at a Georgian farm table

Now at long last we have an itinerary. Our dates are from Saturday October 7 to Monday October 16, 2017.

We’ll start in Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, which is connected by direct flights to Germany and to Istanbul. On Monday the 9th we’ll fly up into the Caucasus, to Svaneti, the wild mountain region, where we’ll spend two nights. That flight, from a small airport near Tbilisi to Mestia, in Svaneti, is on a small 18-seat prop-plane operated by Vanilla Sky. Surrounded by high mountain peaks, Mestia has been called one of the most beautiful airports in the world.

From Mestia on, all travel will be by road in a large van. We’ll have a night in the graceful city of Kutaisi, time for exploring Tbilisi’s many charms, and generous time in Kakheti, Georgia’s beautiful eastern area and premier wine region. We’ll be immersed in Georgian food culture, both at the dining table and in markets, we’ll do a little cooking and some wine tasting, and explore some historic sights too.

Because this is our first immersethrough tour to Georgia, we need to be a small group, and very flexible. That means, given the conditions there, that we will not be able to accommodate special diets. There will be a fair amount of walking, some of it on rough ground, so we need everyone to be physically fit for that and for climbing stairs. Our hotels have been chosen for their locations, our ability to cook there at times, and their value. The hotels are not deluxe (we can’t be sure there are elevators in all of them), but they are comfortable, and centrally located for easy walking and exploring in your free time.

If this sounds like your type of trip, if you’re adventurous and anxious to visit this untapped area of the world, please join us this fall. To make arrangements, please contact my partner in immersethrough, Deb Olson. Her phone number is 307 745-7191 and her email is deb@laramietravel.com. She can give you the  details on cost, and answer any questions you may have.

churchela seller, w/ her wares; portrait, Tbilisi