Taste of Persia Food Tours – Iran

Taste of Persia Food Tours – Iran

I’m hoping to take a first immersethrough group to Iran in October 2017 for ten days. The country has a long fascinating history that goes back to Cyrus and Darius the Great, who built his capital at Persepolis. And it has of course a wonderful and rich food culture, so we’ll be visiting markets and bazaars, tasting all that we can, and discovering the beauties and complexities of ancient Persia and modern Iran.

We’re still working on the itinerary. It’s shaping up as a south-to-north journey, mostly by land. We’ll start in Shiraz, the wonderful city of poets and the heartland of Persian culture; travel via Persepolis to the desert city of Yazd; and from there to graceful Isfahan. We’ll spend time in the busy capital Tehran, and then head northwest to the mountain village of Masouleh near the Caspian coast, before we end our trip in lively Tabriz. From there it’s an easy flight out to Istanbul.

lavash baker, baked bread, Massouleh

Our tentative dates are in late October, roughly Thursday October 20th to Sunday October 30th

Once we have sorted out more details, including the cost, we’ll post them here.

In the meantime, if you are interested in the idea, please contact my partner in immersethrough, Deb Olson. Her phone number is 307 745-7191 and her email is deb@laramietravel.com. She’ll keep a list of interested people, so that when the details of the trip are settled she can check back with you.

mosque at night, YAZD