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Immersethrough.com is all about the concept of cultural immersion through food.

And for me, immersion is almost always associated with travel, with crossing borders and engaging with people and with their culture wherever I am, and with making myself vulnerable.

The prism through which I most often immerse myself is food. I have spent the last twenty-five years travelling researching writing and photographing to make cookbooks, so food traditions, traditional foodways are what turn me on: flatbreads made by semi-nomadic pastoralists, the Tajik and Kirghiz, in the Pamir mountains; the spring run of Arctic char fished by the Inuit in Ungava Bay; the rice-growing traditions of the Dioula of Senegal’s Casamance region; markets everywhere and anywhere…

Please check out plans for the next immersethrough food CULINARY TOUR set for winter 2016 in Chiang Mai. The northern Thai tour is from Sunday January 31 to the morning of Saturday February 6, 2016.

This year there will be no immersethrough food tour to Burma.

A detailed description of the Northern Thai tour (based in Chiang Mai and near Fang) is on the chiang mai page;